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Update #41: The books are on the way!

Hello alchemists around the world!

After a long wait, we've concluded our freight arrangements, and the books are bulk shipped to their shipping centers. The estimated arrival is about 45 days from now, and the distribution time may vary depending on your location. We'll post any other updates regarding distribution as soon as we get them.

We are aware of the frustration many of you have regarding the fulfillment. It was a challenging journey for us to keep up with our promise, and as a team of two, all problems become harder to deal with. We have been waiting for VAT registration for the UK & EU distribution, which took a lot more time than we anticipated. We have been misinformed in many cases, yet we have found a way to continue our work one way or another.

While we cannot give you good news all the time, please understand that we are working hard towards the delivery of your books. This project means a lot to us, as it is our dream to spread joy to your tables and contribute to the TTRPG enthusiasts around the world, as many others have done for us in the past. We'll do anything in our power to deliver your books as soon as possible, yet we are also aware that it should've been sooner. We apologize for the inconvenience this situation has brought you, and wholeheartedly thank you for your patience with us, Cabal. We intend to continue publishing books many people around the world would enjoy, and we hope to improve along the way. Therefore, we appreciate any feedback regarding our project.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance regarding the project. You can reach me via Kickstarter, Discord or email, and I'll reply as soon as possible.

Thank you!


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