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Frequently Asked Questions

Your question is not listed here? Contact us so that we can answer your question as soon as possible, and add your questions here so that others can also get the information they need.

Where can I download and purchase your books?

Currently, we are publishing our work via Kickstarter, with crowdfunding methods. You can pledge to our projects using the Kickstarter website. You can find the Kickstarter links at the projects section of our webpage.

What languages are your books available in?

English. We aim to maximize our reach for our products in order to make the tabletop roleplaying experiences better for as many people as possible while using the language we are most comfortable with. To reach that goal, we publish our work in the most common and widespread language.

Will there be more projects in the future?

We like to plan ahead, and it's our goal to make tabletop RPG experience better for everyone. Therefore we already have planned projects but due to the effort and time we put in each project, we can only work on only one at a time, for now. However, as soon as our current project is delivered as promised, it won't be long before the next project comes to life.

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