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Dungeons & Heists Introduction Video

Dungeons & Heists

A supplement module for D&D 5th Edition.

March, 2023

Dungeons & Heists is exactly what the name suggests! The core book aims to expand gameplay by giving both game masters and players tools to implement heist themes into any and all games. It allows the creation of shady characters that are tailored for stealth, subterfuge, and heists. However, each coin has two sides, while some characters excel at thievery, others excel in hunting them down. Whether they act as guards or bounty hunters, the options provided in the book can be used in any game setting. Furthermore, D&H includes game mechanics for stealth gameplay and rules to create your own strongholds to keep the heisters away. Since the module aims to expand the gameplay, it also includes a lot of items and spells, including poisons and destructive explosives to conduct any type of shady business you might want. Since D&H is about getting rich fast, it also includes additional resources to spend your money. Wanna buy a castle? An exotic mount? Wanna hire your own teleporter wizard or simply some muscles? You got it!


Dungeons & Heists have its own art style and presentation, whereas the format is familiar to all seasoned players and game masters. Further descriptions of the contents are listed below!

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Alchemy & Poisoncraft: About

The first chapter of Dungeons & Heists provides information regarding constructing both characters and the world with heist themes in mind. The chapter also includes bounties and punishments, and a slight touch at different types of laws to decide on what to do with the heisters who are bad at what they do.

The chapter also includes organizations. The book takes organizations to a next level from our previous take in Alchemy & Poisoncraft, and allows a reputation system that you can use with these organizations. Now like any NPC, a player or a player group can befriend or make enemies with specific organizations through each encounter or quest.

Since heisting is a profitable business, the book will also offer some luxury services or goods for spending money. Do you want to buy a luxurious castle and make it feel like a penthouse? Dungeons & Heists is here to help!


To heist, one must first become a heister! In order to achieve that, Dungeons & Heists offers a whole new class, Delinquent along with a hefty sum of thematic 29 archetypes. Furthermore,  there are 10 Feats and 5 backgrounds, each tailored for heisters.


The book has devoted an entire chapter to optional Stronghold Building Rules. While these are initially designed for game masters to build challenging dungeons, these can also be used to create player homes, guild houses, or evil lairs that are hidden beneath the earth! The chapter also includes a lot of treacherous traps to surprise your players or fend off any attackers.

One other addition is Expanded Stealth Rules, which allows player parties to act as a single body and use their stealth together. One player can cover the mistake for another, while other players can cause a distraction to boost their allies' stealth. The rules also prevent immediate discovery upon a single failure, which makes playing stealth scenes an engaging activity including tactic and role-play rather than quick sequences of dice throwing.


The book contains 101 Magic Items, based on wealth, stealth, and treachery. Since the book is based on heists, there are many magic items that can be used to defend your riches and also to snatch them as efficiently as possible. 


The book also expands the spells with an addition of 60 Spells for all classes. The aim of these spells is to expand spellcasters and allow them to have a deeper stealth-based gameplay experience.


The book contains 10 unique explosives, 10 items for heisters, and 20 treacherous poisons. While most of these are related to heists in one way or another, they can be utilized in most environments that require a bit of mayhem, death, and destruction.


Dungeons & Heists will include a dungeon, Ruins of the First Bank that is designed to give players a unique heist experience. The dungeon includes multiple completion conditions and can be completed without any bloodshed, utilizing stealth and wits. But of course, comical violence can also be the remedy for many problems.

The dungeon is designed for four level 15 players and is compatible with the expanded rules Dungeons & Heists has to offer.


The book includes 20 unique monsters, many of which will feature in the dungeon. These monsters usually act as the guardians and the last line of defense against mischievous heisters, including magically engineered golems and powerful monsters that are tied to wealth and thievery.

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