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About Us

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We all prefer to spend some of our time playing games. For our team, roleplaying games have been a passion for the past years. While some people prefer holding the responsibility of a single exquisite individual, some people would just rather take the responsibility of a whole realm for their flock. Our team has been there, in both seats for more than five years. We have collected the knowledge from a large variety of settings, been in different worlds, lived through different lives. Our conclusion was that it was never enough.

I've found passion in creating the fantasy world we desired.  My ultimate goal is to make all of our games a unique, better experience. I would very much like to continue this work in the future, as I've briefly mentioned in my venture with Alchemy & Poisoncraft. I ask your support not for just a TTRPG book, but for a continuous movement to contribute towards the TTRPG community. No realm deserves to be black and white, colorless. For those who struggle for something new, or for those who simply want more, I'm eager to bear the weight of pen and paper.

My most sincere and greatest promise is that I will never publish anything I'm not fond of and proud of. I would never present you with something that I wouldn’t play & enjoy myself. As promised, our vision is to enlarge all our fictional worlds and gameplay experience. We thank you for all your aid that allows us to take another step towards our goal.

Meet the Cabal

The People Who Make Enchantments Real


Berke Emir Güner


Project Manager & Writer

Born in Istanbul, studies physics in METU. Has been involved in RPG games since childhood. His comfort was found in pen & paper. Both as a GM and fellow player, he aspires to create something meaningful, something that lasts.

About: Meet the Team

Our Associates

Our beloved friends who help us with our enchantments!


Suat Deniz Vural

Former Content Designer

Born in Turkey, studied Physics in Metu. Has been doing lots of irrelevant things for the sake of creativity. He aspires to overthrow incompetent content creators in the entertainment sector.


Yunus Cihan Karalarlı

Alchemy & Poisonjcraft

Project Partner

Born in Turkey, studiesCivil Engineering in METU.

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