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Update #30 - Next steps toward our delivery!

Hello adepts of alchemy!

First of all, we apologize for the silence for the past two weeks. We have been organizing the fulfillment of our PDF's and making final arrangements for print.

We have completed the Alchemy & Poisoncraft PDF version without problems, and we are making final finishing touches on Scholar's Footprints. While we still have about 8-9% of the surveys being incomplete, we believe it's only right to start our distribution process.

Please keep in mind that PDF distribution can be delayed for individual basis, but incomplete surveys will prevent us from delivering your reward by conventional means, which may increase your delivery cost (since we will be handling these case-by-case). Therefore, please fill your surveys as soon as possible.

One other thing I'd like to mention about the surveys is that, as I've previously stated before, we are using BackerKit surveys for fulfillment. Therefore any Kickstarter survey will not be taken into account. Some backers have filled Kickstarter surveys in the past weeks, therefore please make sure you've completed the correct survey.

That being said, we aim to complete our PDF fulfillment within a week of charging cards via BackerKit, and will proceed to print. We are waiting for the final prototype from our printing partner. We'll post another update about print as soon as we know more.

That's about it! Please contact me via Kickstarter, Discord or e-mail for any questions or complications regarding your survey. I'll make sure to answer you as soon as possible, and take necessary action to aid you.

Thank you for your time and your attention and take care!


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