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Update #31 - Alchemy & Poisoncraft PDF Distribution!

Hello adepts of alchemy!

Today we bring you long-delayed good news. Here it goes!

Alchemy & Poisoncraft PDF Distribution

Time has come to start our distribution process. First, we'll be distributing the Alchemy & Poisoncraft PDF, and in a few days we'll be distributing Scholar's Footprints. After a challenging decision period, we've decided to use BackerKit digital distribution in order to automate the distribution process, with minimal window for error.

BackerKit PDF Claim

You can claim your reward through BackerKit as of today! We appreciate any feedback on our product, and any mistakes you've seen, we'll correct in due time. As a small team of three, we've corrected many mistakes in the past month, but it's possible that there are more errors. We'd like to correct them before the printing process, and re-distribute PDFs if necessary. You can leave your feedback in the comments or Discord, or you could simply contact us directly if you prefer that way.

As for the physical rewards, our correspondences continue with our printing partner. We are still waiting for the final prototype in order to finalize our deal, and our correspondences look promising! We've exceeded our own expectations in PDF design, and we hope to feel that way about the print also.

If you have any problems about claiming your PDF copy or have any other issue, please contact me via Kickstarter, Discord or e-mail for any questions or complications regarding your survey. I'll make sure to answer you as soon as possible, and take necessary action to aid you.

Thank you for your time and your attention and take care!


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