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Colors on a Canvas - The Great Green Serpent

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We are all familiar with dragons to some degree but the peculiar dragon in our logo might be a little different than usual. There is a reason why we have chosen it as our logo.

Cabal of Enchantment was founded in Turkey by Turkish people. We wanted to use the opportunity to introduce our traditions and the way it reflects to our games to this diverse community.

Our country is mostly known for its vast and delightful cuisine. The most popular drink from our cuisine is Turkish coffee served with Turkish delight and that is the drink our dragon currently enjoys. For those interested in Turkish coffee, I'll leave a link I found useful below.

Also, you may notice the little hat our dragon wears, that's right it's a fez. We thought as many fantastic settings are inspired by the old days, we should add a little reminder of our culture. While days of Ottomans are long ago, and we barely have any connection to that history, it was always considered something related to Turks, which we find quite fashionable. Especially on dragons.

For any further questions, make sure to ask away!

May the dice be with you and have a pleasant day.

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