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Story behind Alchemy & Poisoncraft

Here is a little piece about our experience so far, about Kickstarter, about our endeavor, and all the things between.

It has been a while since our last project launch. Initially, we have planned to launch as soon as possible but life gets in the way sometimes. When Deniz and I started this road, we had one common goal and a single dream. We wanted to do what we enjoy doing, creating worlds, sharing the joy of fantastic fiction, and the feeling that makes us all sit around that table for hours. We have invested over a year on our first project, without funding, without any means to see it through. We met with many artists to help us bring our vision to life, yet we only had many failures so far. But in the end, we were ready for our first launch with Yavuz on board!

It has been a tiring, stressful ride, but eventually, we went live with our project, Alchemy & Poisoncraft. While we were confident in our work, it was our first project. With a little information and a few mistakes, with no funding but a lot of faith we saw through the 30-day period and we come very close! In order to fully deliver without any problems, we set our goal a bit high, but it was a common mistake. Then, we started to plan for our relaunch.

However, our relaunch was much later than we anticipated. We had a few problems, and life got in the way. While we love this project, we had to divide our attention after our failure. Financial struggles, medical problems, and unforeseen circumstances made us delay the launch, and we had to make a few changes. However, we did not stand idle and wanted to improve our project while we had the time, which is the main reason we found new printing and shipping partners to improve our printing quality in terms of paper, color, and post-process effects. We have made the addition as promised, an adventure we enjoyed designing, Scholar's Footprints. And all we promised to deliver, are of course, still on the table. Due to these circumstances, however, Deniz had to leave the project for the time being, and we have a new member to help with the writing. It's only a temporary setback since I'm confident Deniz will be back in the future projects the Cabal of Enchantment will offer! All things considered, I believe Cabal has grown and learned many things, about the craft. And now, we are once again ready to help you craft the world you want, and bring joy to your tables. Alchemy & Poisoncraft will be back on Kickstarter 25th of February, and this time, I believe we will prevail! Thank you for all your support, and thank you for reading so far. We wanted to spread the joy through our work, but I honestly didn't expect that it would reflect so much. See you soon, Emir

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