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At the Beginning

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

January 3rd of 1902. The dark had its claws grasped tightly, white snow cloaked the city over the night, and no one could bear the cold... winter came for İstanbul. It was quiet and it was peaceful. Looking over the city, a flickering light behind the windows of the Cabal’s mansion could be seen.

Deniz took a sip from his Turkish coffee, felt the bitterness. Emir got up from his chair and went near the fireplace. They were both thinking of the same thing; what would be the goal to pursue in this world, which is dark and lonely? Would it worth the effort? The fire crackled, the wind was heard behind the windows, and then, once again... it was quiet.

At that very moment, while everything was still and silent, a green serpent roamed through the sky. Every time it moved its wings, thunder was heard. Its sharp teeth and enormous horns could be seen across the Bosphorus, IT WAS MAGNIFICENT! It was… Enchanting.

And just like that, it was gone... disappeared.

The city was quiet once more but this time something was different, something has changed. Emir and Deniz understood what had to be done. To witness a tiny bit of magic was enough for them to grasp their destiny which was waiting to be claimed.

That was the day they became more than just a Cabal.

After that day, they were known as Cabal of Enchantment.

Some time has passed. They realized that they wanted to share the beauty of the great green serpent with others... but who on earth could possibly reflect its charm through some colors on a canvas?

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