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Cabal of Enchantment

A game studio focused on tabletop roleplaying games aiming to expand your gameplay experience.

Welcome to our website, we are thrilled to have you here! You can find further information below on what we have published so far.

Dungeons & Heists Introduction Video

Our trailer and introduction video for our upcoming project, Dungeons & Heists for D&D 5e is here!

Dungeons & Heists

A 5th Edition compatible book

March, 2023

Dungeons & Heists is exactly what the name suggests! The core book aims to expand gameplay by giving both game masters and players tools to implement heist themes into any and all games. It allows the creation of shady characters that are tailored for stealth, subterfuge, and heists. However, each coin has two sides, while some characters excel at thievery, others excel in hunting them down. Whether they act as guards or bounty hunters, the options provided in the book can be used in any game setting. Furthermore, D&H includes game mechanics for stealth gameplay and rules to create your own strongholds to keep the heisters away. Since the module aims to expand the gameplay, it also includes a lot of items and spells, including poisons and destructive explosives to conduct any type of shady business you might want. Since D&H is about getting rich fast, it also includes additional resources to spend your money. Wanna buy a castle? An exotic mount? Wanna hire your own teleporter wizard or simply some muscles? You got it!


Alchemy & Poisoncraft

A supplement book for D&D 5th Edition.

September-October, 2020

Take your D&D 5e experience to the next level with Alchemy & Poisoncraft - our brand new supplement book! Our team of artists, designers, and writers are working tirelessly in order to make this project come to life. Don’t miss out on a colossal and epic expansion to your D&D games and settings with various additions to your gameplay experience. Read on to find out more about this game and other projects of ours.

Scholar's Footprints

A 5th Edition compatible adventure.

December, 2020

Scholar’s Footprints is a level 1-6 adventure, which will only grow and lead into further stories in the upcoming books. This book will feature various aspects of alchemy, along with four pre-made characters, for those who want to delve into the story without delay. Each character will have their own background, area of expertise, and of course their own archetype from Alchemy & Poisoncraft. The journey will be hazardous, but it may reveal many secrets. You are invited to tag along and discover your master’s whereabouts.

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About This Humble Endeavor

Cabal of Enchantment is a single-person passion project, created by Berke Emir Güner. I've found passion in creating the fantasy world we desired.  My ultimate goal is to make all of our games a unique, better experience. I would very much like to continue this work in the future, as I've briefly mentioned in my venture with Alchemy & Poisoncraft. I ask your support not for just a TTRPG book, but for a continuous movement to contribute towards the TTRPG community. No realm deserves to be black and white, colorless. For those who struggle for something new, or for those who simply want more, I'm eager to bear the weight of pen and paper.

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