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Alchemy & Poisoncraft: Contents

As for today we have listed all the content we are working on for Alchemy & Poisoncraft supplement for D&D 5e. Of course all the content listed below are original, and brand new. For mor detailed information please subscribe to keep posted.


Introduction to Alchemy & Poisoncraft

  1. Philosopher’s Approach on Alchemy: A brief history

  2. Alchemy & Magic: Difference between

  3. Styles of Alchemy (& Poisoncraft)

  4. How alchemy works, how it is different from magic

  5. Ethica Toxicum : Guidelines for Poisons

  6. Story of Philosopher’s stone & Soul shards

Alchemist’s Armoury

  1. Alchemical Concoctions

  2. Herbs & Components

  3. Murderous Poisons

  4. Wondrous Potions

  5. Items & Equipment

  6. Explosives & Traps

Individuals of value: Character options

  1. Alchemist class & Alchemical Essence

  2. Additional Archetypes

  3. Feats

  4. Backgrounds

  5. New subraces

Magic & Mayhem

  1. Alchemical Recipes

  2. Procedures & Rituals of Alchemy

  3. New Spells

World of Alchemy

  1. Six Unique Organizations

  2. A City of Wonders

  3. NPCs

  4. Creatures

  5. Lair of the Mad Alchemist

​Additional content

  1. Epic Boons

  2. Optional Crafting System


For more details, you can check our project page.

Thank you for your attention, and have a wondrous day!

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